The Salon at Cumming Station

Lady's                                                           $45
Man's                                                           $30 
(12 and under)                                  $25    

Color and Foils
Color                                                            $100 
  Mohawk Foil                                             $85+    
  Partial Foil                                                $100+   
Full Foil                                                    $135+ 

   +Certain factors such as length, heaviness of application, back to back foils or  multiple colors will result in $15 to $25 up charges, all prices include a hair cut

The Following Services are Priced by Consultation;
Color with Foils                                                    
Balayage Highlights                                             
Ombre Color or Highlights                                    
Straightening or Smoothing                                   
      Special Occasion Styling                                               DreamCatchers Extensions                                    


The Salon at Cumming Station
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